Blog Post#12:Pixar

April 20, 2010

What makes Pixar successful is its creators and writers way of finding alternative view points in their characters. This rang true especially in class when we discussed how the plot line of Toy Story 2 was based around the fears and concerns from the view point of a child’s toy such as being forgotten, lost or replaced by an upgraded toy. Your Friend the Rat is a Pixar short that does such the like. It is world history told through the viewpoint of the rat in hope of helping “oppressed rats everywhere!”

The rats make the argument that 1. Dogs look up to humans, 2. Cats look down on humans but 3. Rats are at the same level. This shifts to the rat’s take on their version of world history.

The rat’s global perspective is that humans and rats need each other and it is a biological symbiotic relationship. Rats eat human’s trash. They are made like humans anatomically, so they are partners in science with humans in battling diseases. They are also misunderstood since it was the flea that caused the Black Death and not the rat itself. Another fantastic, adorable example of how Pixar looks through the eyes of characters such as toys and rats to highlight different perspectives.

*If you want to see this video follow this link, its on veo and not conventional utube or google

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4 Responses to “Blog Post#12:Pixar”

  1. Ok I just saw some of the animation on youtube. I agree with you that this a very cute animation and Pixar does a really good job with using the perspective of things other than humans, whether its a toy or a rat. It always nice to imagine life from another’s eye. The animation is also educational and historical, and using rats to convey history in this way is also very interesting.

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  3. SandyShore2 Says:

    I have gained a health respect for Pixar over the course of this class. Just this past weekend I watched a series of Pixar animated shorts that were being showcased on one of the Movie channels. I was amazed at the wonderful character depictions both animal and human.

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